History: Our company was established in 1992 in the name of Hosung Machinery Co. specialized in production of sophisticated machineries and renamed as Jinwoo Machinery Co. in 1998 to focus and develop construction machineries.

Jinwoo Machinery: Since 1998, we are producing Vehicle Mounted Elevating Work Platforms with steady application of advanced technologies aimed at innovative yet economical designs by our R&D dept., meeting Customer’s expectations and Operator’s safety.

JINWOO SMC Co. Ltd.: In 2007, JINWOO SMC was setup, spreading over 30,000Sq.m area with work force of over 60 dedicated employees for design, purchase, production, sales and after-sales services of multi-special machineries and Health-care special products.

After-Sales: We have five After-Sales Service centers and 3 Assembly centers spread throughout for best feasible response to our domestic clients. We lead Korean market share for Elevating Work Platforms consecutively for past five years with economically innovative process and round-the-clock services.

Overseas: Due to application of High-end Technologies by Korea, huge overseas demands for Korean products exists all around the world. We started export in 2008 to Iraq; followed by Middle-East, Asia in 2009 & mainly Canada, Philippines and Singapore in 2010. Also mainly Iraq, Bangladesh, Iran, UAE, Vanuatu, Saudi Arabia, China, India in 2011 and Malaysia, Russia, Ghana, Qatar, Peru, Indonesia, Vietnam, Kuwait, Trukmenistan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Qatar in 2012 ~ 2015. We have appointed exclusive distributors in Russia, Canada, Indonesia and Peru.

Jinwoo SMC adheres to international std. with ISO9001-2008, ISO14001-2004, GOST-TR, CE Type-Examination (under-process) certifications. We fortify innovative technologies, with more than 10% of revenue spent on R&D to achieve ultimate quality, higher safety and reliability with minimal maintenance. We are dedicatedly aiming to achieve Six Sigma(4 level) process to meet market expectations, so entrust on us.


CEO/J.H. Lee