Fire truck


  • Multipurpose compact Firefighter with maximum capacity of Water and Foam tanks
  • Rapid approach to narrow roads in the city center and excellent maneuverability enable simultaneous ; fire suppression and rescue operations.
  • Increased initial fire suppression capability through double supply and large capacity water tank
  • Enhanced safety by deploying automatic stowage type platform, automatically self-leveling, and easier access into securedly spacious Rescue Platform.
  • Automatic warning Light in Rescue Platform visually indicates and warns of self-leveling status of the platform.
  • Foldable type Rescue Platform allows easier driving as well smoother 360° (limited) rotation function to improve rescue efficiency.
  • Rescue Platform rated Capacity: 400Kg.
Key Features of Rescue Platform
  • 360° rotation Rescue Platform (patented)
  • Excellent workability and approach to, blind spots (narrow alley, corner area)
  • 360° rotation allows access to all sides and corners of the building
  • Excellent installation for flexible operations and easier approach enhancing time efficiency.
  • Maximized working approach by rotating the rescue platform 360°
  • One-push button for automatic stowage of all operations to allow Firefighters more time for rescue operations.
  • Failure proof, minimalized down time and maintenance with availability of 3 back-up type operation systems.