Greeting Global
Hello? Jinwoo SMC Co., Ltd. is a leading company in the special vehicle industry with the best quality and technology.

With the belief that only the best technology has the best competitiveness in the fierce competition in the domestic special vehicle industry, Jinwoo SMC Co., Ltd., which has grown thanks to your interest and support, continues to develop products through steady R&D, continuous technology investment, and business expansion with the goal of strengthening technology. We are striving to improve quality and develop into emerging markets.

In 1998, Jinwoo SMC Co., Ltd. established a total service system from direct production and sale of high-altitude work vehicles, elevated ladder vehicles, unmanned destruction and water vehicles, lifesaving fire engines, multi-purpose light and small electric vehicles, and other special vehicles, and is a venture company, with export prospects. Selected as a small and medium-sized business, selected as a promising export SME with technological innovation, awarded in the new technology category for technological innovation, selected as a global strong company, received the 2016 Ministry of Public Safety and Security R&D Best Task Award, 2018 Firefighting Industry Awards Prime Minister’s Award It is a leader in the special vehicle business such as demonstration and technology development business selection.

In 2007, the company changed its name to Jinwoo SMC Co., Ltd. and listened to new product development and market environment to cope with the changing environment. We are not only exporting our products to countries around the world, including India and Canada, but also spreading the excellent technology of Jinwoo SMC.

Jinwoo SMC's efforts will continue until the day
when the best special vehicle technology is spread around the world.

Thank you.